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Fantasy Casino Events

Fantasy Casino Events

Banquets, conventions, conferences, company picnics, client appreciation, trade shows
 Fantasy Casino Events can do it all! When your company is looking to create a unique event on time and under budget, all it takes is a click or call to the pros at Fantasy Casino Events. We can create a casino night and even theme your event so that it takes place in the Fabulous 50s, the Roaring 20s, on a Survivor Island, in Las Vegas or anything else you can imagine.

Making your event a success!

Whatever the occasion, getting all the participants engaged is the key to a successful event. With a variety of equipment and games to make certain that your event has something for everyone, a casino party from Fantasy Casino Events is guaranteed fun for all!

Put our decades of experience to work for you. .. Source: Fantasy Casino Events

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Horseshoe Southern Indiana

Horseshoe Southern Indiana

For the best odds, highest limits, and action-packed live entertainment, there’s no question
. It’s Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

Experience easy-to-win slots and the biggest jackpots at Horseshoe. Pull up a seat at your choice of 1,650 traditional slots, or progressives and set your sights on a jackpot! You will find all your favorite slots in a range of denominations.

Photo Of Man And Woman Playing

Get ready to play for the biggest jackpots at Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino! Choose from nearly 1,700 slots including video reels and traditional slot machines. You’ll always find the latest and hottest titles including Tarzan, Wheel of Fortune, Hot Shot Progressives, Quick Hits, Wild Party Progressive, along with Electronic Roulette and Blackjack, just to name a few.

View more: Horseshoe Southern Indiana

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Tallinn

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Tallinn

Are you going to visit Eastern Europe? Then let Casinotop10 guide you to casinos and attractions in eastern European cities. This time: Tallinn.

Eastern Europe is still an unknown country for many, but more and more people are confronted with the fact that there are many exciting experiences hidden by visiting the countries previously hidden behind the iron curtain.

Not only are you finding interesting sights, rich cultural life and a low price level. If you like to play a little, there are actually many good reasons to visit a casino these places ..

The casinos may not be as glamor-like as in Las Vegas and Monte-Carlo, but conversely they are equally well organized and safe. There is nothing about mafia people and gangsters as opponents at the poker table, and payout rates on many of the games are actually higher than in Western Europe.

Casinotop10 guides you here to some of the Eastern European cities that are nice to visit and at the same time you can play a little.


Perhaps you’ve heard the legend that it was in Tallinn that Dannebrog fell down from heaven in 1219, and we Danes thus got our red-white flag.

danske konges have i TallinnIt happened when Valdemar II conquered the city, and Tallinn and Estonia were actually under Danish rule for over 100 years. Many historians believe that the name of the city means the Danish city (in Estonian meaning “Taani” Denmark and “Linnaeus” city), so Tallinn is generally an exciting and interesting place for Danes.

In the town’s cozy old town you will find, among other things, the Danish Royal Garden, the place where Dannebrog fell down, so that Danish connections still exist at least in the three Baltic countries.

Tallinn’s recent history is also interesting. Estonia was part of the Soviet Union, but the independence of the esteem helped the Soviet regime to wake up. Among other things, major singing festivals were organized in the late 80’s with over 100,000 participants – very well done for a country with about 1.3 million inhabitants!


There are actually quite a few casinos in Tallinn. There have even been so many that the city council considered a transition to make an island outside Tallinn, where the casinos could be placed, avoiding the creation of too many ludomania.

Due to daily ferry connections to and from Helsinki and Stockholm, many tourists come to the city. Therefore, many Finns and Swedes are also found at the casinos and the staff are generally accustomed to foreigners as visitors.

Hotel OlĂŒmpia i TallinnThe biggest casino in Tallinn is Reval Park Hotel & Casino, but it is being rebuilt. Therefore, the facilities have been temporarily moved to the Radisson Blu Hotel Olympia (the image), a hotel originally built in connection with the hostess of the 1990 Olympic Games in Tallinn, which took place in Moscow in 1980.

In this casino there are lots of slot machines , roulette , baccarat and blackjack with professional and courteous dealers. In addition, there is also a large poker room, and Tallinn has hosted several major poker tournaments.

The casino is part of the most famous chain of casinos in Tallinn, Olympic Casino. But as mentioned, there are many opportunities in Tallinn to play, and it is both safe and under orderly conditions.

You must be at least 21 years old to enter casinos in Estonia, and generally there are no requirements for attire. However, some places do not allow you to get into workout clothes.

See more at


The Old Town: Parts of Tallinn’s Old Towns date back to the 13th century, and you feel completely back in time as you walk around the cobblestones and see the beautiful old houses and buildings.

julemarked i TallinnRaekoja Plats (RĂ„dhuspladsen) is the central place where there are plenty of cafes and restaurants, but it is definitely worth exploring the small side streets. It is also a good idea to go up to the upper part of the old town, Toompea, where you find the Estonian parliament. From here you get a great view over the city and the sea.

Kiek in the Kitchen: Tallinn’s Old Town is surrounded by a thick castle wall with several beautiful old towers. One of them is the Kiek in the Kitchen Tower, originally built in 1470, and today it houses an interesting new museum.

Here you can get an insight into Tallinn’s history since Valdemar II invaded the city, and at the top of the tower you can enjoy a cup of coffee and the view. In addition, you can descend into the tunnels that run along the city walls. The tunnels were not only used in the Middle Ages, but during the Cold War they were also designed as shelters in the event of nuclear war.

Kadiorg i TallinnKadriorg: The big neighbor to the east, Russia, has also put its mark on Tallinn – on good and evil. A positive relic is the Kadriorg Palace, a little east of the city center. It was built by Zar Peter the Great in 1718, and today it houses an art museum.

The palace is surrounded by a nice park where you can go for a walk and see flowers, fountains and birds. Right next to the park you will also find Estonian Museum of Modern Art, KUMU, as well as the impressive song-place LauluvÀljak, where the major song festivals took place and still take place today.


Population: 1,294 million

Area: 45,227 m2 (approx. Denmark)

Languages: Estonian (same language as Finnish)

Coin foot: Euro

How to get there from Denmark: Estonian Air flies daily from Copenhagen. Furthermore, daily ferry service from Stockholm.

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Riga

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Riga

Are you going to visit Eastern Europe? Then let Casinotop10 guide you to casinos and attractions in eastern European cities. This time: Riga.

Casinotop10 continues our tour to casino bays in Eastern Europe. Last week we wrote about Tallinn in Estonia , and this week we move a little further south.


Riga is the largest city in the Baltics with almost 700,000 inhabitants and has been the focal point of northeastern Europe for centuries.

Especially during Latvia’s independence period before World War II, Riga was a big city purely international, and in fact it was called the “north of Paris”.

At that time, Riga was a very vibrant and wealthy city, and then the city reminded a little about Paris because of the Daugava River, which divides the city into two.

However, 40 years under Communist rule, sadly the most negative, and today it is probably the biggest television tower that reminds of the Eiffel Tower, which associates Paris.

But Riga is still a very charming city and you will probably experience it as more relaxed and enjoyable than Paris.


There are several casinos in central Riga. We will describe the two major Olympic Voodoo Casino and Royal Casino.

Olympic Voodoo Casino is located in conjunction with the Radisson Blu hotel just outside of the Old Town. It is part of the Estonian-owned Olympic group, which is generally very well-functioning.

casino i rigaIt may be a little special to connect the casino with voodoo, because no black magic is used here. They keep it safe with lots of slot machines , roulette , blackjack and poker, and at the same time there are often shows.

In fact, there is live music here every Friday and Saturday night so there is a good time in the bar these days.

A little further from the center you will find the luxurious Royal Casino Spa & Hotel Resort (the picture). It is one of the biggest entertainment centers in Riga with both nightclubs, bars, restaurants and of course also a casino.

It has a very exclusive look with lots of gold and mica, something that generally attracts Latvia’s great Russian population. Therefore, many Russian-speaking players will meet here.

Many foreigners also come here, and among other things, Royal Casino has hosted the Norwegian championships in poker and the Unibet Open. There are of course also roulette and blackjack tables as well as many slot machines.

As far as we do not know any special dress code, it is probably best to take a little nicer clothes on here so as not to fall too much outside.

The age limit for playing in Latvia and Riga is 18 years.


riga rĂ„dhuspladsThe Old Town: In the center of Riga on Daugava’s eastern shore lies the old town, which is a tangle of small streets. On and around RĂ„dhuspladsen (Ratslaukums) there are many things to look at and you can see buildings in both Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau style.

A visit to the beautiful old cathedral is also worth a trip, and the other sights in the old city include the Swedish port and the Occupation Museum.

Riga’s castle is also a major attraction, but unfortunately it burned a large part of the castle in the summer of 2013. It went hard, for example, over the National History Museum, which is still closed. One can, however, consider the castle from the outside.

Freedom Monument: This statue of a woman who holds three stars, is found just outside the old city. It resurrected in 1935 to celebrate Latvia as an independent country and was allowed to stand during Communist times when the Soviet authorities believed that the woman could symbolize Mother Russia and the three stars could be the three Baltic countries.

There are a couple of beautiful parks just around the statue where it is worth going for a cup of coffee.

riga centrale markedThe central market: Just south of the old town in the direction of the main railway station, you will find the central market. It’s a huge market where you can get the things and things of the world, fortunately, too, at reasonable money.

You will probably notice most of the five big pavilions that were originally built to house zeppelines, but today you can buy meat, fish, fruit, clothes, shoes, books, etc. The beautiful old buildings are the reason why The market today is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Many tourists find their way there, so it is generally safe, but as in any other market in the world one should of course take care of pickpockets and frogmakers.


Population: 2,012 million

Area: 64,589 m2

Languages: Latvian, about half of the population speak only Russian

Coin foot: Lats (10 lats are about $ 100)

How to get to Riga: Air Baltic flies daily from Copenhagen and a couple of times a week from Billund. It is also possible to take a daily ferry from Stockholm and Germany.

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Vilnius

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Vilnius

Are you going to visit Eastern Europe? Then let Casinotop10 guide you to casinos and attractions in eastern European cities. This time: Vilnius.

Casinotop10 has set itself up to guide you to the best casinos if you are going to Eastern Europe. We started our tour a couple of weeks ago in Tallinn, Estonia , and last week we were in Riga, Latvia .

This time we come to the southernmost country in the Baltics, Lithuania, where the charming capital of Vilnius is definitely worth a visit, even if you want to play a little.


Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, the largest of the three Baltic countries. Unlike Riga and Tallinn, located close to the sea, Vilnius is located over 300 km inland near the border with Belarus.

However, Vilnius has in common with Riga and Tallinn that there is a well-preserved old town with narrow streets and beautiful architecture, also on UNESCO’s world heritage site. Back in the 16th century Vilnius was one of the two capitals of the Polish-Lithuanian real unity, which stretched all the way down to the Black Sea and Ukraine, and Poles, Belarusians, Germans, Russians and Jews settled in the city.

In 1655, the city was invaded by Russian forces, which destroyed large parts of the old town. Fortunately, the remains are relatively well-preserved, so you can sense the great power of the Polish-Lithuanian union at the time.

Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union until 1990, where it was discontinued with Estonia and Latvia. Compared to the other two Baltic countries, however, it was bloody in Lithuania when the Soviet forces attacked the buildings and the TV tower in Vilnius on 13 January 1991.

14 people were killed and about 700 injured, so Lithuania did not easily reach its independence.


The largest casino in Vilnius is found at the Radisson Blu Lietuva hotel, located a little north of the old town on the other side of the Neris River.

The casino is operated by Olympic Casino, which also hosts major casinos in Estonia and Lithuania, and it is generally a company with a strong reputation.

olympic casino vilniusAt the Olympic Casino Radisson Blu Lietuva (the picture) there are roulette (American only), blackjack , poker and of course slots , even a pretty big selection.

At the casino there is also a stage where there are free concerts, and of course you can just go by to enjoy a drink or two.

Olympic Casino also has the Aladinas department on the central Gediminas street in the center, but it is a relatively small place. However, all the current games can be played.

And then Olympic has recently opened a casino close to the railway station (Stotis), which is one of the busiest places in town.

There are several other casino chains in the city, including Tornado Casino and Nese Casino, but they primarily cater to the locals, and there are not so many tourists. Central Vilnius is generally safe and without the big crime, but for safety, let alone create too much attention about yourself if you win a big win.

The age limit for entering the casinos is 21.


The Old Town: Although a large part of Vilnius’ center was destroyed in 1655, there are still many interesting remains from the city’s greatness in the Middle Ages. The most visible is the ruins of the castle on the banks of the Neris River. Here are some walls left and a restored tower, Gediminas Tower, and from here you have fantastic views over the city. An equally beautiful view of the city is from the Trekors hill next door.

Vilnius gamlebyBelow the hill you will find the cathedral and the monument of Gediminas, which was one of the first rulers of Lithuania. He has also named the main street Gedimino Prospektas, which goes from the cathedral all the way to the Lithuanian parliament.

In the opposite direction, Pillies Gatve, filled with souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. In the area around there are many narrow and pleasant streets where you can see many old and beautiful buildings and monuments – including a statue of the rock legend Frank Zappa.

Uzupis: This part of the city is usually considered as part of the old city, but Uzupis is entirely its own. Yes, indeed, the inhabitants have made Uzupis for their own little republic with their own flag, president and constitution!

A large part of the inhabitants of Uzupis are artists, so a walk in this little republic / district is like a visit to a museum. Therefore, Uzupis is often compared to Montmartre in Paris and also Christiania.

Trakai i LitauenTrakai: If you have a good time, it’s really worth taking approx. 30 kilometers west of Vilnius to Trakai. The largest attraction here is the well-preserved castle, first built in the 14th century, and is beautifully situated on an island in the Galve Lake. The castle was also partially destroyed when the Russians invaded the area in 1655, but it was later restored thoroughly and is really exciting to visit.

In Trakai, the beautiful scenery is also worth experiencing and the area has been made to the national park.


Population: 3.043 million

Area: 65,300 m2

Language: Lithuanian

Coin foot: Litas (10 litas is approximately equal to 20 kr.)

How to get to Vilnius: SAS flies daily to Vilnius from Copenhagen.

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Best blackjack scenes in movies

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Best blackjack scenes in movies

Do you remember these movies for their blackjack scenes?

On this page we have previously written about the best casino films – that is, movies where a large part of the action takes place in a casino .

But there are also many really good movies, where the action is not directly about games or casino but, on the other hand, is a crucial scene with casino games in focus. These scenes will play fans certainly remember.

We have collected five scenes from films below, where a game of blackjack will play a crucial role:

RAIN MAN (1988)

This movie won four Oscars, one of them to Dustin Hoffman in the role of Authentic Raymond Babbitt. He has been hidden in an institution for almost all of his life, but when his father dies, he is visited by his unknown brother, the selfish bookmaker Charlie (Tom Cruise), when the father has left all his belongings to Raymond. It’s Charlie’s madness, so he kidnaps his brother and drives him on a road trip.

Charlie learns about Raymund’s amazing abilities to remember, and it utilizes him to teach him to count cards. They go to Las Vegas and the Ceasars Palace, where they win about $ 80,000 until security personnel intervene. In the clip here you can see how Charlie teaches Raymond about blackjack.

Bonus info: For some reason, the scene does not provide the correct picture of how to count cards.


The first of the three Hangover movies ( Timbers in Las Vegas in Danish ) became a big success and despite its somewhat flat action it won a Golden Globe. It’s about Doug, who’s about to get married soon, and he takes his two friends along with his upcoming wife’s brother, mentally disturbed Alan, to Las Vegas for a polterabend. However, it’s quite wrong the first night and they wake up the following day without remembering something – and Doug has disappeared!

A mafi boss, whom they apparently have been in the clinic the night before, says he has abducted Doug, and they have to pay $ 80,000 to get him back. And here comes the blackjack into the picture as the madman Alan thinks he can win the money in blackjack. It even succeeds, as can be seen in this clip:

Bonus info: As Alan comes down the escalator to the casino, he tries to look like Rain Man, the suit is also the same.


This movie classic with Jack Nicholson has won five Oscar statuettes and is directed by Czech star instructor Milos Forman. Nicholson plays the rapist Randle Patrick McMurphy who pretends to be insane to avoid imprisonment. However, life at the mental health clinic does not appear to be a dance of roses.

McMurphy tries to revive the other patients to fight for their rights and he causes them to break the rules by playing blackjack about their cigarettes. The scene may not be as crucial to the film as the other scenes on our list, but on the other hand it is very funny.

Bonus info: Michael Douglas is one of the producers on the film and his father Kirk was originally set to play the lead role. Michael, however, thought his father was too old for the role, which Kirk had difficulty forgiving his son for.


Unlike the other movies on this list, this movie did not get the big deal. In fact, it’s one of the least popular James Bond films ever, and it was also the last one where Timothy Dalton had the lead role.

In other films, James Bond has tried baccarat, roulette and poker, but he can play blackjack too. In pursuit of the villain, Sanchez drug warrior, he plays blackjack on a 250,000 pound sterling casino, and it’s going to be good at the start before happiness turns. Unfortunately, we do not have any TV clips of the scene, but the trailer can be seen below.

Bonus Info: License to Kill is not so famous for its blackjack scene, but many people remember it for the scene where a man is being mauled by a shark.


This comedy drama is a bit of a cool movie. It’s about a couple of single unemployed actors in Los Angeles, where one, Mike (Jon Favreau) is a bit of a loser. He, along with his friend Trent (Vince Vaughn), goes to Las Vegas where they try to play blackjack.

The blackjack stage is relatively short – but quite fun. Mike has not completely settled the rules, and at the same time he is unlucky in the only hand he plays for $ 100 as he doubles on 11. The quote “double down” ends up going back in the movie for the two anti-heroes.

Bonus Info: Beautiful Heather Graham plays a role in this movie – exactly as she does in the hangover in Las Vegas . She is not particularly excited about Las Vegas.

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Warsaw

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Warsaw

Are you going to visit Eastern Europe? Then let Casinotop10 guide you to casinos and attractions in eastern European cities. This time: Warsaw.

Casinotop10 has been focusing on casinos in eastern European cities, where more and more Danes travel to the last few weeks.

We have so far visited the three Baltic countries and their capitals, Tallinn , Riga and Vilnius , and this time we go a little further south to Poland.

Here we find the capital of Warsaw, which is almost as hard to spell as it is to find a casino in the city. But do not worry, they are available, and it is worth visiting them. Read with below.


At Warsaw today, Poland’s capital with 1.7 million inhabitants is a bit of achievement. It is not much more than 70 years since the city was almost leveled with the ground of Nazi Germany.

The inhabitants opposed the occupation of the Germans, and it punished Hitler by bombing the city to blow up. About 90% of the city was ruined after that time.

Therefore, Warsaw has also become known as a Phoenix city, as it has been able to rise from the ruins.

Before World War II, Warsaw was a focal point in Poland and north-eastern Europe, and it has become again – and even the old town has been rebuilt. It’s a nice but busy city, where you have to be a bit of a drizzle to get bored.


Poland and Warsaw have been a bit of “The Wild West” for many years in terms of gambling. Even if you could not only have a casino without permission, there were lots of gambling casinos where the majority of them were illegal.

It has been hit down later on and those who are left will recommend to stay away.

There are a number of legitimate casinos in Warsaw, but it is sparse with information about them as they can not advertise. Therefore, it is also a little difficult to find them, but they are usually found in connection with large hotels.

Casino Warsaw HiltonHere are some of the hotels where there is a casino:

  • Hotel Marriott (Casinos Poland)
  • Hotel Hyatt Regency (Casinos Poland)
  • Hotel Grand (Orbis)
  • Hilton Hotel (Olympic Casino)

The latter claims to be the largest casino in Poland with 1700m2. There should be 30 game tables and 100 slot machines .

Olympic Casino is already known for its casinos in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and generally has a high standard.

The age limit for entering a casino in Poland is 18 years.


The Old Town: As mentioned, most of Warsaw was leveled with the earth by the Germans during World War II, and it was also hard beyond the city center, where houses dating back to the Middle Ages were built. After the war, you began to rebuild the Old Town, and it is actually surprisingly successful, so it is today at UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

warsaw gamlebySome of the most fascinating of the Old Town is that you can see pictures of how the buildings looked before the war and how they looked after being bombed. The Poles are very religious, so in the Old Town you will find many churches in particular.

Royal Castle (Zamek KrĂłlewski): In Warsaw’s Old Town you will find the Royal Castle. It was also burst into pieces and pieces of Germans in 1944, but today it is one of the city’s biggest attractions. You do not usually associate Poland with a monarchy, but in fact, Poland has been a kingdom for many centuries.

The great baroque castle has an interesting story as it was and was the residence of the Polish monarchs from 1596 and since then was robbed by Swedish, German and Russian troops. The most valuable things in the castle have been hidden from the road and have truly survived until today, so you can get an insight into Poland’s harsh history.

warsaw kongeslottetLazienki and Wilanow Palaces: A little south of the center you will find Lazienki Palace, which is beautifully situated on an island in a lake surrounded by a large park. This was the summer residence of Poland’s last king, Stanislaw August Poniatowski.

And a little further south of the center you will find the even more grand Wilanow Palace, built in Baroque style. Here there is also a large park, where you can walk for several hours. In the palace and in the park there are large concerts and performances, so it is worth visiting the place in connection with this.


Population: 38,092,000

Area: 312,685 m2

Language: Polish

Coin foot: Zloty (100 kr is about 55 Zloty)

How to get to Warsaw: Polish company LOT and SAS flee daily to Warsaw from Copenhagen several times a day. Alternatively, you can take Air Berlin and switch to Berlin, which costs almost the same.From Billund you can take Ryanair to Krakow and then on by bus (about 250 km.). In addition, you can also take a bus or train, though with a shift in Germany.

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Minsk

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Minsk

Are you going to visit Eastern Europe? Then let Casinotop10 guide you to casinos and attractions in eastern European cities. This time: Minsk.

Casinotop10 has been focusing on casinos in eastern European cities, where more and more Danes travel to the last few weeks.

After a trip through the three Baltic countries and their three capitals, Tallinn , Riga and Vilnius and on to Warsaw, we are now heading east to Belarus.

The country’s capital Minsk is actually a casino casino because of many Russian and Ukrainian tourists, so here is good value for players, especially poker sharks. At the same time, the city with its two million inhabitants is a bit of a metropolis.


Belarus and Minsk do not immediately sound like the ideal travel destination, nor are there many Danish tourists who find their way.

Most have probably heard of the country’s president, Aleksandr Lukashenko, who is also known as Europe’s last dictator. Since 1994, he has ruled Belarus with brutal cruelty and struck any kind of opposition. At the same time, he has become unfamiliar with most of the EU, leaning instead of the big neighbor with East Russia.

Minsk is worth a visit if you are a bit of an adventurer and want to experience what it was like to be in the Soviet Union. Indeed, Belarus has developed a lot since the fall of Communism, but the system itself is still there.

This is seen, among other things, by the number of armed police officers (Militia) in the streets. There is almost one police officer on each street corner, which has meant that crime is very low in Minsk.

Of course it is nice, but conversely you will feel a little overseen as a stranger. The police may come to ask and ask for identification, but unless you do something illegal, you will not get any trouble with the police.

Therefore, do not be nervous about walking around Minsk and seeing the many sights that are. It is of course not London or Paris, but the Belarussian capital has many things to offer.


Since casino operations are illegal in both Russia and Ukraine, Minsk and Belarus have developed into a bit of a casino destination for new Russians and Ukrainians. Many of them come to Minsk on an all-inclusive vacation, where they can eat and drink everything they can accommodate (and they do!) And a lot of rubles will be fired at the casinos.

That’s why there are also a lot of casinos in Minsk and there are plenty of tables in the tables almost every night all year round.

The casinos in Minsk are not just for Russians. Many of the dealers speak English (something the few Belarusians do), and even more other languages. However, one should understand that the games take place in Russian.

If you are good at poker, Minsk is a mecca, as of course it is good value to play against stiff Russians. Poker star Tony G, originally from neighboring Lithuania, describes cash games in Minsk as the most lucrative in Eastern Europe.

XO Casino i MinskXO Casino (the picture) on the big Nezavisimosti Prospect (Boulevard) should be the place where Tony G. usually plays. It is a newly opened casino in exclusive design with an oriental, English and Chinese character. In addition to poker, there are also roulette (American only!), Blackjack and slots , and there is also live music on weekends.

Another good place is Belaya Vezha on Masherava Prospect. It was previously a night club, but today there is a big casino with lots of tables for poker, blackjack, roulette and slots. There is also a nice restaurant in the area.

In addition, Royal Casino in the centrally located Hotel Minsk is recommended. It’s not that big again, but pretty fancy and you’ll find all the usual games.

We can recommend this page where there are information about and pictures of the casinos in Minsk:

In general, it is said about the casinos in Minsk that they are safe and that you will not run into any problems.

However, there have also been stories about casinos that move on the edge of the law, for example. Thanks Dankoff Club Casino a transition with prostitutes as part of the deposit bonus. Therefore, do not accept this kind of cheating offer, as the authorities in Belarus are fighting hard for illegalities!


Minsk centrumCenter: A walk around the city center is the best way to experience the city. Start, for example, from the Parliament with the Lenin statue and go up the Nezavisimosti Prospectus to Oktyabrskaya Square and the Palace of the Republic. Then on to the Holy Spirit Cathedral, and then across the other side of the river.

Here you will find the Trinity suburb with the old buildings and the “Towers Island” with a monument to fallen Belarusian soldiers in the Soviet Union war in Afghanistan. Then go to the Great Theater and on to Ploshtshad Pobedy, after which you can go back across the river and back to Freedom Square.

Great Patriotic War Museum: If you’re just a bit interested in history, this museum is a must in Minsk. The museum tells the story of the Second World War from the perspective of the Red Army and Belarus, and it is a tough history.

There is not much about the efforts of the Allied forces, but on the other hand, you get a unique insight into the war from that side. There are, among other things, original tanks and planes from the time of the war in the museum’s farm. Only downside is that it’s all in Russian so if you can not understand it, it’s best to book a guide in advance.

park pobedy minskHero City Monument and Park Pobedy: A little northwest of downtown along the river you will find a large green area where a 45-meter high obelisk turns up. The sculpture is from 1985 the best Soviet concrete and symbolizes Minsk’s title as Hero City in the context of World War II.

Just behind the monument is building a new national museum, and until then you can go for a ride in Park Pobedy, the Victory Park. It is the largest park in Minsk and is beautifully located to a dusty lake, so you can experience the local population in your spare time.


Population: 9.457.000

Area: 207,595 m2

Languages: Belarusian and Russian

Coin foot: Belarussian rubles (100 kronor is at the time of writing 170,000 Belarussian rubles, but the course fluctuates a lot)

How to get to Minsk: There is no direct connection to Minsk from Copenhagen or Billund, but you can fly over Stockholm, Riga, Prague or Moscow. Remember, you must have a visa to enter Belarus.

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Online casino and Bitcoins: Is it the future?

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Online casino and Bitcoins: Is it the future?

Some online casinos offer that you can play for the virtual currency Bitcoins. We look at some of them here.

Over the past year, there has been a lot of focus on Bitcoin, a digital currency that can only be held on the Internet.

In advance, it’s a bit of a betting to own Bitcoins as the course goes up and down with violent fluctuations, but you can actually put them at stake at online casino .

We must hurry to say that the big online casinos , which we recommend on this page, do not accept Bitcoins – they are not yet widely used. But within the last couple of years, more online casinos have been opened, where only Bitcoins can be played.

One of them is bitZino , offering the most common casino games like blackjack , roulette , video poker , slots and craps. The page is based on HTML5, so you do not have to download anything, but in return you get a design that is very simple and not at all in line with a “regular” online casino .

Some of the good thing about a page like bitZino is that payments are made very quickly, always within 24 hours.

Another known online casino with Bitcoin is SatoshiDice (Satoshi was the pseudonym of the Japanese programmer who created Bitcoins), which only offers a lot of lottery.

You bite a number of Bitcoins and select a number, after which there was found a lucky number with a dice. If your number is lower than the lucky number, you have won, and your winnings will depend on how close you were to the drawn number.


If you like playing poker, Satoshi has recently created a poker room. There are not so many players at the tables yet, since the page was launched in 2013, but online poker for Bitcoins certainly has a future.

The biggest online poker site for Bitcoins is Seals with Clubs , which has offered both cash games and tournaments since 2011.

Of course, there are not as much traffic as the major poker sites like PokerStars and PartyPoker, but the number of players is still rising and it is possible to find around the clock.

At Seals with Clubs there are also freerolls and promotions to get you started.

Keep in mind, however, that none of these online gaming sites for Bitcoins are licensed to the Danish market, so in reality they must not accept Danish players. Conversely, Bitcoins is not yet an official currency that you can use anywhere.

But if Bitcoin’s progress continues, it may change, and then the digital currency may be the future of many online casinos.

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Prague

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Prague

Are you going to visit Eastern Europe? Then let Casinotop10 guide you to casinos and attractions in eastern European cities. This time: Prague

CasinoTop10 focuses on capitals in eastern Europe where there are good casinos .

We started from the north in Estonia and Tallinn and since then we have visited Riga , Vilnius , Warsaw and most recently Minsk .

This time we come to a city that many Danes have already visited, namely Prague. The Czech capital is a very popular tourist destination, and it is also a casino in the world.


To say that Prague is Eastern Europe is perhaps a little wrong, as it is actually in the middle of Europe. Its central location has meant that Prague has been a focal point for hundreds of years.

The city has been the capital of the vast German-Roman empire, and it was also the capital of ancient Czechoslovakia.

In addition, for many hundreds of years, Prague has been a cultural center in the region. Among the well-known, Danish scientist Tycho Brahe lived in the city.

Today, Prague is a vibrant and highly regarded city that still attracts a lot of people. In fact, only Paris and London visit more tourists than Prague in Europe on a yearly basis.

More and more people are looking forward to the tasty Czech cuisine and the delicious local beer, which you also get for cheap money.

So if you have not been to Prague yet, then it’s time to come!


Prague has developed into a bit of a goal for casino players from around the world. There are a number of casinos spread across the city, and every year in December, poker players are flocked to the city to participate in the annual poker festival.

Among other things, there will be a tournament on the big European Poker Tour at the Hilton hotel in the Prague 8 district. The tournament itself takes place in the conference rooms, but there is also a larger casino in the hotel, Casino Artrium (picture).

casino atrium pragIt is generally popular among foreigners and has games like blackjack , roulette , baccarat, slot machines and pontoon on the program. As you can guess when it’s at the Hilton, it’s a luxurious casino, but you can escape without a shirt and tie.

Another place popular with poker players is Card Casino Prague in the Prague 5 district of the city’s southern part. Here is a tournament on the World Poker Tour.

There is also a good casino on the big Na Prikope street right on the border with the old city. It’s called Banco Casino and is kept in classical style.

Among the other casinos in Prague are Ambassador Casino, Bohemia, Casino Panorama, Magic Casino and Century Casino Millenium.

To enter a casino in Prague you must be 18 years old.


prag gamblebyThe Old Town and Charles Bridge: To cross across the Vltava River there are several bridges in Prague, but none of them are as famous as Charles Bridge. The bridge is 516 meters long and is adorned with 30 statues and sculptures, where the originals are hidden away at the museum. There are cars and vehicles closed, but instead there are loads of tourists and street vendors on the charming bridge.

In the center you will find the equally charming old town, where the area around the town hall square with the astronomical clock is a natural gathering point. The old town is filled with impressive buildings of different styles, so it’s no wonder it’s on UNESCO’s world heritage site.

Prazsky Hrad: Prague Castle is one of the absolute highlights of Prague. It is located on the western bank of the city and a little outside the city center, but it is definitely worth going there. The castle dates back to the year 870, and here the Bohemian kings, German-Roman emperors, and presidential officials of the last Czech Republic have lived.

Besides the castle itself, it is also an experience to see Prague’s cathedral, located in one of the castle farms, and is easily recognizable by its high spirits. In connection with the castle there is also a nice garden and park and the Golden Gate where a number of the city’s great artists lived.

prag josefovJosefov: Prague’s Jewish ghetto close to the old city is famous all over the world, partly because it is the author Franz Kafka’s birthplace. The Jews have come to Prague since the 10th century. It was not everyone in the locals who were just happy about it and it ended with more clashes over time.

Many Jews eventually left the ghetto and today there is not much left, but it is worth seeing the synagogues and the Jewish cemetery. If you want to learn more about the hard fate of the Jews, a visit to the concentration camp Theresienstadt / Terezin is also worth a visit. It is a couple of hours drive north of Prague.


Residents: 10,436,560

Area: 78,866 m2

Language: Czech

Coin foot: Koruna (100 koruna is about 25 kr.)

How to get to Czech Republic: Czech Airlines flies daily from Copenhagen, and Norwegian three times a week. By bus, it is possible to get to Prague via Berlin.

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Bratislava

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Casinos in Eastern Europe: Bratislava

Are you going to visit Eastern Europe? Then let Casinotop10 guide you to casinos and attractions in eastern European cities. This time: Bratislava

Our casino tour in Eastern Europe has come to central Europe. We visited the capital of Prague last time, and this time we go to neighboring Slovakia, where the cozy and beautiful capital of Bratislava is definitely worth a visit.

The other cities in our guide to Eastern Europe can be read below:



Slovakia’s capital Bratislava also has the names of Pressburg and Pozsony. The city has approx. 462,000 and is located on the Danube river.

The same does another European capital, Vienna, which is only 65 kilometers away. In fact, you can sail there.

Like many other capitals in Europe, Bratislava has been influenced by external cultures. Among other things, one has been part of the great Hungarian empire.

Bratislava was even a significant city in the Hungarian Empire. Between 1542 and 1848, the Hungarian empire was actually here.

Later there were other stakeholders.

A transition, the city was classified as a suburb of the Austrian capital of Vienna. This happened in connection with a peace agreement between France Emperor Napoleon and Austrian Emperor Franz I.

On Germany’s command, Slovakia later became an independent country with Bratislava as its capital. But it did not last long.

When the Czech Republic and Slovakia joined forces and became Czechoslovakia, it was Prague, which was given the title of the administrative capital.

It lasted until 1993 when Czechoslovakia was dissolved, and Slovakia again became independent with Bratislava as its capital.


In Bratislava there are three major casinos . All three are professional and offer world-class blackjack , poker and roulette .

The oldest and most central casino is Casino Cafe Reduta, located in an old historic building in the middle of the Old Town.

casino cafe reduta bratislavaIf you like playing in a glamorous environment, Casino Cafe Reduta is definitely for you – see, among other things, the picture.

In addition to the classic slots , you can also play blackjack, American roulette and different poker variants.

Another casino is the Olympic Casino Carlton at the Radisson hotel. It is also located centrally in the city.

The casino is owned by Olympic Casino, a company that you may have encountered in our previous articles about casinos in Eastern Europe, as they have many casinos in these countries.

The decor is more modern compared to Cafe Reduta, but the games are the same.

The same goes for Regency Casino Bratislava, which is a little less compared to the other two.

You must be 18 to be allowed to enter the casinos in Slovakia.


bratislava slotBratislava Castle: Bratislava is a cultural and historical city with many beautiful old buildings. If you like history, Bratislava is the place for you.

One of the most popular attractions in the city is Bratislava Castle, originally built in 900 and later modernized in 1811. It burned down in 1811 but restored between 1956 and 1964.

The castle is beautifully located on a mountain, giving you breathtaking views all over Bratislava. Remember the camera!

Slovak Parliament: Near the castle is the parliament. Here you can take a tour every day at 14, which is an interesting experience.

novy most bratislavaNovy Most: If you like great views, then visit the new bridge over the Danube. Novy Most, named in Slovak, has an interesting restaurant on one of the bropillas.

If you only want to take pictures from the restaurant, it costs you € 6.50 to get in, but if you order a table in the restaurant, the view is free of charge. The restaurant is also called UFO.


Citizens: 5.4 million

Area: 48,845 km 2

Languages: Slovak (many citizens speak German, but not official language).

Currency: Euro

How to get to Bratislava:

There are no direct flights from Copenhagen or Billund to Bratislava, but on the other hand, it is a good idea to fly to Vienna and from there by bus. It takes just under an hour to get from the airport in Vienna to the center of Bratislava. Air Berlin and Niki Air fly cheap to Vienna from Copenhagen.

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